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Facebook is going to roll out a new feature for it’s mobile users, that will allow you to share your approx location with your friends. This new feature will use the geolocation feature of your smartphone to check when you are close to any of your friends in that specified location.

With this feature, you can easily track If any of your friend is nearby so that you can catch up with them.Called Nearby Friends, the service is completely optional. When users turn it on, they pick whom they want to share their location with — all of their friends, a smaller group, or just a few people.

There may be some concern about the privacy and security issues with this app but there are plenty of safeguards available for the same. As per now this feature is available for adults only so no-one under the age of 18 can use this feature provided the fact they had signed up giving their real Birth Date.

You can check out this video to check how this feature works:

“The goal of the product is to help you meet friends on the go,” said Andrea Vaccari, the Facebook product manager in charge of the project, which he began at his start-up, Glancee, before it was acquired by the social network in 2012.”locate1We think we’ve built a product that at its core people feel comfortable leaving on,” he said. “I will be curious to see how people use it.”